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Boll Weevil Body Lotion Southern Grace
Boll Weevil Soap Company

Boll Weevil Body Lotion Southern Grace

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Our body lotion uses the purest of raw shea butter directly from the African Shea tree as well as desert Jojoba Oil and fur Apricot Oil.  These oil superpowers are rarely used in any significant quantity in commercial lotions due to the expense of these ingredients.  These super oils hold natural moisturizing and skin protectionpoperties an dgive the lotion strong anti-inflammatory and anti-Microbial elements making the product great for those with sensitive skin.  In addition to the power packed super oils in our handmade lotion, it also contains significantly less water than standard commercial lotions making it thicker than most and allowing ours to last much longer than the average.

A fresh floral fragrance that is green and earthy with touches of amber. For females of all ages

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